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Product Code: StarLine S96 Series Van Alarm
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£1,199.99 £1,449.99

Optional Extras

StarLine S96 Van Alarm with Door, Boot, Bonnet Protection, Tilt, Shock, Motion, Glass Break, Rear Cabin Pressure Sensors, Immobiliser, Remote Immobilisation, Tracking, Phone Alerts and Smartphone App Fully Fitted

What is the Starline S96 Series Security Alarm System?

The StarLine S96 Series Security Alarm System is one of the most robust and secure Van alarm systems available in the market today, with a whole host of features designed to protect your Van in many ways. Designed to integrate into your Vans factory wiring, the StarLine S96 Series Security Alarm System is both easy to use and highly efficient at protecting your Van from hi-tech thieves. Vans with 'keyless-go' will benefit most from the StarLine S96 Series Security Alarm System, as it protects against keyless 'relay theft, key cloning' and attacks.

These theft methods are very common across all manufacture models, With built in tilt, shock and motion sensors the StarLine S96 Series Security Alarm System can detect any unlawful attempt at stealing your Van. With glass break sensor and rear cabin pressure sensor included in this package and optional additional layers of security such as  Anti-Hijack, and additional sensors available the StarLine S96 Series Security Alarm System will make hi-tech thieves attempt at stealing your Van impossible, while keeping operation simple for you, the driver.

How the Starline S96 Series Vehicle Alarm System Works?

The StarLine S96 Series Security Alarm System comes supplied with one StarLine Bluetooth Driver tag to control the system (additional tags available). It detects when a StarLine BT Driver tag approaches the Van and then disarm, and it detects when a StarLine BT Driver tag leaves the Van and will then arm. This happens automatically, without any extra input required from you.

If the Van is moved, detects any shock or tilt, glass break, forced entry to the rear cabin or if the ignition is turned on without a StarLine BT Driver tag present, the StarLine S96 Series Security Alarm System will prevent the engine from starting an alarm siren will be activated and a notification will be sent to your mobile phone as well as the StarLine S96 Series Security Alarm System calling your phone alerting you to the theft attempt (PAYG sim card required). As long as a StarLine BT Driver tag is present when you enter the vehicle, it will start as normal. Again, all of this happens automatically. No extra button presses for you to worry about.

Features more info

GSM modem
Full-spec alarm system
Integration with factory key*
Military-grade encryption
2-way communication (GSM)
External siren
Full perimeter control [doors, boot, bonnet]
Built-in dual zone shock/tilt/motion sensors
CANBUS immobiliser*
Analogue immobiliser
Remote immobilisation on-demand
Flexible Logic™
One-touch maintenance mode
Emergency deactivation
Glass break sensor
Warn away sensor**
Pressure sensor
Auto start***
Remote start***
Programmable anti-hijack***
Dash-Cam Control**

Factory Key Fob*
Bluetooth 128bit encryption driver ID tag (Additional tags available)
StarLine Key (Bluetooth smartphone app.)
GSM (phone calls, text messages)
Online server
StarLine-2 App (GSM smartphone app.)
PIN code entry on factory buttons***

Communication via calls and SMS
Free for life smartphone app. (iOS/Android)
Access to cloud service via browser
No distance limitations
Remote access to system settings
Instant notification of any security breach
Real time status updates
Custom notifications
Error code and service message detection and owner notification (remote diagnostics)*

High-precision location detection
Subscription-free LIVE tracking
Detailed travel histories
Geofence settings
Mileage and fuel level monitoring*
Driving style and quality evaluation

* Feature is vehicle dependant.
** Feature is optional extra.
*** Feature is vehicle dependant and optional extra.

What's Included:

 StarLine S96 Alarm with Built In Tilt, Motion, Shock Sensors,  Immobiliser and Remote Immobilisation.

 Glass Break Sensor.

 Pressure Sensor For Rear Load Protection.

 Tracking, Phone Alerts.

 Starline BT Driver Tag (additional tags available).

 Emergency Override Card

 Installation at our workshop by a StarLine Approved Engineer.

 Free Installation of any optional extras purchased at the same time.

 Full Demonstration after completion.

 12 Months Guarantee on Parts and Installation.

Optional Extras:

>Additional Driver Tag £49.99An additional tag can be added as a back up or if more than one person drives the vehicle.
>Total Closure £99.99Total Closure option will automatically close the windows and lock all doors when you exit the vehicle and lock it.
>Pin To Drive Authorization £149.99Additional authorization provides protection against hijacking, Vehicle can only be driven after entering an individual PIN-code entered on the vehicle’s original factory buttons even if you have the StarLine BT Driver Tag. (Vehicle Dependent)
>Controlled Anti-Hijack £99.99With the ever-growing threat of carjacking on the rise throughout the UK, it’s important to include some type of Anti Hijack system. If for any reason you are pulled out of your vehicle by a car jacker, the Anti hijack system will allow the car to be taken and then brought safely to a stop once it’s reached a safe distance from yourself and will not allow it to be re-started. 
>Dash-Cam Control £99.99Turn on dash cams already fitted on your vehicle form the StarLine App. 
>Remote Engine Start £399.99Start and warm up your vehicle from your smartphone or factory key, with your StarLine S96 Security System still fully armed. (Vehicle Dependent) *Spare key maybe needed*
>Auto Start £99.99Perfect for someone who is regularly away on business, use your vehicle on weekends only or simply have a weak battery, use the auto start feature to keep sufficient charge in the battery to prevent it from discharging. When the system detect that the battery charge has fallen below a certain threshold it will trigger AutoStart and charge your vehicle battery to keep it from going flat. (Works in conjunction with remote start option) 
>Warn Away Sensor £129.99Protect the exterior and interior of both passenger and driver side of your van with this warn away sensor. Establishes two security perimeters for your van. If the exterior perimeter is violated the StarLine S96 Security System will chirp to warn away the potential intruder. A violation of the interior perimeter will trigger the full siren.
>Magnetic Sensor For Rear Load Protection £129.99Suitable for vans and motor homes the integrated wireless switch will activate the alarm system when contact is broken between the door contact sensors.
>Microwave Sensor For Rear Load Protection £129.99Microwave Sensor will trigger the alarm if the sensor detects an object entering the projected microwave bubble.

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We recommend that you have your installation carried out by a qualified car audio and security installer. Our experienced installation team can take care of all kind of car audio and security installations.

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Other than vehicle immobiliser and tracking systems all other installations are carried out at our London based Car Audio and Security Installation Centre

** Price includes standard installation but excludes additional parts that may be required, Some vehicles may require additional parts for remote engine start to work. Please contact us with your make, model and year of vehicle for further information**

*Whilst there is no subscription charge for the App tracker or Alarm control/notifications, the customer is responsible for the upkeep of the SIM card supplied and fitted inside. Upon installation, there will be £36.00 sim card top required by the customer lasting approximately a year, depending on usage.