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Stay protected on the road with Front and Rear 2K QHD Dash Cams for your vehicle

Upgrade your vehicles security and record every moment on the road with our Front (2K QHD) and Rear (2K QHD) Dash Cams. Enjoy crystal-clear footage, both in front and behind your vehicle, for unparalleled safety and peace of mind. Enhance your driving experience and capture life's unexpected moments with these advanced dash cams designed for your vehicle.

Night Vision

The FineVu GX1000 comes with FineVu’s Auto Night Vision, which allows you to record clear and balanced video in tough-to-capture environments like nighttime, underground parking lots and tunnels, and very bright daylight - automatically tuning color and clarity for optimal viewing quality. With the FineVu GX1000's highly-enhanced image resolutions, you can capture more details, such as road signs and license plates, which can be used as evidence in unfortunate incidents.

FineVu GX1000 Parking Mode Protection

Another area that FineVu significantly improved is the camera’s parking mode recording. Starting with the standard parking mode, which FineVu calls Absolute Parking Mode. It essentially is motion and impact detection with buffered recording. It captures the 10 seconds prior and 10 seconds after the event to give you a 20-second clip of before and after footage - that way, nothing is missed.

If you want to capture everything, then the Smart Time Lapse parking mode records the surroundings continuously at 2fps. If an impact is detected, the GX1000 will automatically switch back to 30FPS, so you get the proper recording.

If you need extended coverage, there’s the Power Saving Parking Mode which allows the GX1000 to cover up to 2325 hours. When an impact has been detected, the GX1000 will capture 20-second footage. Any motion caught after the impact will trigger the GX1000 to continue recording for another 40 seconds. So you won’t get any recordings of the events leading up to the impact, but you will get a minute-long comprehensive capture of the incident.  

Say you come back to your car and see that it has been hit & run. All you need to do is turn on the GX1000 and connect to it using the FineVu App to check for the AI Damage Detection report. FineVu’s AI Damage Detection 2.0 function will section your car into eight impact zones and categorize the impact on a 3-level scale to give you a detailed account of the incident. It will give you information about where the impact occurred, how strong it was, and the number of impacts detected, say if another car backed into your car repeatedly while attempting to parallel park in front of you.

Another smart parking feature is the AI Smart Parking 2.0, which watches over your parked car and dash cam when the weather starts to heat up, like any typical summer day in Arizona or Texas. FineVu’s Smart Parking’s AI Heat Monitoring automatically switches the FineVu GX1000 from standard or timelapse parking mode to Power Saving Parking Mode. As the dash cam cools down and the temperature lowers, the AI Temperature control will switch the GX1000 back to the original parking mode recording.

FineVu App

You can download the FineVu App from the Google Play Store and the Apple Apps Store. Once you’ve installed the app on your phone, you can pair it with your GX1000.

-First, enable the WIFI on your dash cam by pressing the WIFI button

-Then go to the WiFi Settings menu on your phone and look for the “FINEVU_GX1000” network. The initial password is "12345678"

-The app will then take care of the rest.

Key Features:

  • 2K QHD 1440P @ 30FPS Front and Rear cameras
  • 5MP Sony STARVIS IMX335 image sensor
  • Allwinner V536 processor
  • HDR and Auto Night Vision
  • AI Damage Detection 2.0
  • AI Heat Detection
  • Power Saving Parking Mode
  • Smart Time Lapse Continuous Recording
  • Smart Time Lapse Parking Recording
  • Speed Camera Alert
  • Built-in WiFi

Whats Included in the Box:

  • 2K QHD front camera
  • 2K QHD rear camera
  • Rear camera connecting cable
  • 32GB microSD card
  • FineVu hardwiring kit
  • User manual
  • 3-year warranty with FineVu (warranty period of the microSD card is 6 months)

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