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BlackVue DR750 2CH 1080p LTE 4G Cloud Connected With 32GB SD Card

The new BlackVue DR750-2CH LTE is more than just a dash cam, it’s an always-on, 4G cloud-connected video surveillance system for your car. It features built-in 4G LTE connectivity, meaning you are always connected, enabling unique features like Remote Live View, letting you monitor your vehicle from anywhere in real time – it’s like always having a pair of eyes on your car. Rest easy knowing that your BlackVue is always capturing and saving video evidence – front and rear, and the built-in SIM card slot means your dash cam is always connected to BlackVue’s industry-leading Cloud services.

With Full HD 1080p performance, the DR750-2CH LTE provides class-leading protection for your vehicle by recording fluid 60 frames per second video footage (rear @ 30fpps) via an ultra-wide lens with a 139° viewing angle. A Sony STARVIS image sensor ensures the best possible image quality under any lighting conditions. Also included is GPS logging, Wi-Fi, Cloud-connectivity and impact and motion detection. All this in a stealthy compact design.

The DR750-2CH LTE is also compatible with BlackVue Cloud – a unique suite of LIVE app-based features that remotely connect you with your vehicle, providing additional functionality including Live View, Remote Video Playback, Video Backup, Realtime Tracking and Emergency Notification Alerts.

Fitting Service:

If you would like this product(s) professionally fitted by our Installation team at our Ilford workshop, simply select the "Fitting Service" option on the Installation Service Options drop down before adding to basket.After making your purchase our sales team will contact you within 24 hours to arrange a suitable date and time to book your vehicle in for fitting.

Product Review

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BlackVue DR750-2CH-LTE 4G Dash Cam Header Graphic

"A Dashcam Built for the Cloud"

Finally, the moment we've all been waiting for: the DR750-2CH-LTE is here! Now you have a high quality, dual-lens (two channel, for front + rear recording) dash cam system that records in Full HD 1080p resolution (from both front and rear lenses), now with 4G-LTE connectivity built-in!

Not only does the DR750-2CH-LTE offer the standard direct WiFi connection option (like the previous DR750S-2CH model), but now it also brings "native" BlackVue Over The Cloud functionality via the built-in 4G-LTE module, no external WiFi hotspot needed! Of course, the 750-LTE also brings you image quality, reliability, features and performance we've all come to expect from BlackVue.

BlackVue DR750-2CH-LTE 4G Dash Cam Header Graphic

Our favorite features of the brand new DR750-2CH-LTE

The ultimate connected dashcam: Built-In 4G/LTE connection! With 4G-LTE Cloud connectivity (through BlackVue Over the Cloud), you'll never have to guess what's going on with your vehicle. Simply check your phone at any time!

Free BlackVue App and Free Cloud Plan! Pay nothing for BlackVue Over the Cloud access. Only pay your cellular provider for the data used by your SIM card.

Enhanced "Smart" Cloud Plan available for even more live view, more backups and more camera systems per account. Starting at only £9/mo.

Still Full HD 1080p Sony STARVIS™ sensors in both front and rear cameras, for optimal image quality during the day and in low-light conditions as well.

BlackVue DR750-2CH-LTE 4G Dash Cam Header Graphic

The DR750-2CH-LTE is fully functional as a 'typical' dash cam, whether you choose to utilize the LTE and Cloud features or not:

When plugged in to your standard power outlet in the vehicle, the system will still power on and off with the vehicle, automatically recording audio, video and GPS location at all times as you drive.

For motion detection ("parking mode") recording, the DR750-2CH-LTE can be hardwired with the BlackVue Power Magic Pro battery discharge prevention device. Alternatively, the DR750-2CH-LTE can also be powered by the BlackVue B-124X Battery Pack while the vehicle is parked. Parking mode recordings are stored on the memory card.

All normal driving and parking mode recordings are automatically stored locally on the internal BlackVue memory card (32/64/128/256 GB options available). Once the memory card is completely 'full', only the oldest video file on the card is overwritten as each new video file is created (this is known as loop recording).

The memory card can be removed from the 750-LTE and plugged in to your PC or Mac using the included microSD to USB adapter. This is an easy way to do a bulk download or backup of all your videos.

The DR750-2CH-LTE does not have a screen on it from which to play back recorded videos from the memory card. Thankfully, the recordings can be accessed via a direct WiFi connection. You connect to the 750-LTE with your smartphone the same way you would connect to a WiFi network at Starbucks, then use the BlackVue app to view and download your recordings.

Audio recording can be disabled temporarily, or by default.

GPS speed display can be disabled from being visible in your recordings.

BlackVue DR750-2CH-LTE 4G Dash Cam Live Remote App Push Notifications
BlackVue DR750-2CH-LTE 4G Dash Cam Cloud App 'Event' Push Notifications

Enter: BlackVue Over the Cloud

With the BlackVue Over-the-Cloud service, you're all set to utilize the amazing features that come with having an account. Learn more about the BlackVue Over-the-Cloud features and the free and paid account offerings here.

It's important to note that even with 4G built-in, not ALL recordings created by your 750-LTE dash cam are sent up to the Cloud automatically. Not only is it typically unnecessary (for most drivers) to have a Cloud backup of literally every second of normal driving or parking mode videos, but uploading each and every recording to the Cloud via LTE would simply consume too much data to be feasible. For example, a 2 hour drive could easily generate 20 GB+ of video files on the memory card, so you can see how trying to send this much data to the Cloud would quickly burn up tons and tons of data allocation.

With that being said, BlackVue has solved this problem by automatically uploading "important" files to the Cloud for you! During normal driving, or when parked, if an "event" triggers the correct sensor thresholds, that video is going to be backed up to the Cloud immediately, so that you can access the video later. Pretty slick!

BlackVue DR750-2CH-LTE 4G Dash Cam App Live Remote View Example
BlackVue DR750-2CH-LTE 4G Dash Cam Cloud App Live Remote View


Speaker: your dashcam tells you when it turns on, shuts down or detects errors.

Accelerometer: detects impacts to trigger Event recording. Enables Parking Mode* when stationary for 5 minutes.

Motion detection: while in Parking Mode, your dashcam can record videos as movement is detected by either the front or interior camera.

Video filters (N,E,P,M): display the types of videos you need in the BlackVue App and Viewer. The filters are Normal, Event (Impact), Parking motion, Manual Event.

BlackVue DR750-2CH-LTE 4G Dash Cam Example In-Car Photo, Rear View
BlackVue DR750-2CH-LTE 4G Dash Cam

Performance and Functionality

Upgrade to a Sony STARVIS™ sensor with Full HD 1080p at up to 60FPS (frames per second) on the front camera. STARVIS imaging sensors are the benchmark in mobile video clarity, especially in low light conditions. The clarity provided by the STARVIS sensors ensures that your dashcam will capture critical details whether you are driving your vehicle, or letting the DR750-2CH-LTE monitor your vehicle while it's in Parking Mode.

The advantage of 60FPS video capture is that your video will be silky smooth with twice as much information when compared to a 30FPS dashcam. In "Sport Mode" the DR750-2CH-LTE front camera framerate is set to 60 frames per second, keeping all details sharp even in moments of fast action. With 60fps, motion blur is significantly reduced, compared to 30fps. That means your BlackVue can better capture important details of an event, such as those critical license plate numbers.

The DR750-2CH-LTE records audio from inside the vehicle, however audio recording can be disabled permanently in the BlackVue settings, or temporarily by swiping your finger on the left side of the front camera.

BlackVue DR750-2CH-LTE Front-Facing Camera w/ Windshield Mount
BlackVue DR750-2CH-LTE Rear-Facing Camera w/ Windshield Mount
Cigarette Lighter Power Outlet Power Cord (15ft/4.5m)
Front to Rear Video Cable Cord (20ft/6m)
BlackVue OEM MicroSD Memory Card
USB MicroSD Memory Card Reader/Adapter
Adhesive Cable Holders (8)
Trim Removal Tool
SIM Card Tray Removal Tool
Spare 3M™ Adhesive Pads (1 Front, 1 Rear)
User Manual

Blackvue Power Magic Pro - Videokamera - Elgiganten

Power Magic Pro : Battery Protection

Power Magic Pro powers your BlackVue in Parking Mode using your vehicle’s battery. Its voltage cut-off and timer both prevent vehicle battery discharge.

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