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Meta Trak S5-VTS CAT5/S5 Insurance Approved Tracker with Driver ID Tags

From the 31st December 2018 Thatcham categories have changed. All previous category 6 or 5, will automatically comply to new ‘Asset Location Systems’ criteria Category S7 or S5.

Looking to reduce your insurance premiums with the most advanced Thatcham approved tracking security currently available. The Meta Track S5 VTS is ideal for those who need a Thatcham approved tracking device, DRS (ID Tags) security and extra driver behavior control.  If your insurance provider has requested that you install a S5 Tracker to fully validate your insurance then this is what they will be referring to.

The S5 VTS DRS (Driver Recognition System) protects you against key theft, key cloning and relay theft. These are the most common and most successful methods of theft currently being used by organised car theft gangs. A small Driver ID tag is attached to the key ring and is used to automatically disarm the system. If the vehicle moves without the tag present, with an unauthorized or cloned key an alert is sent to the control centre who will contact you to make sure your vehicle is safe.

What’s Included?

✔ Installation at our workshop by an Thatcham Approved Installer.

✔ Certificate issued after installation. Same day completion certificate issuing, for you to forward to your insurance provider.

✔ 24/7 Control Room Monitoring.

✔ 2 Driver ID Tags.

✔ 3 years manufacturer warranty.

✔ Free tracking app included.

Subscription Service:
Subscription Required (Not included)
  • 1 Year Subscription - £179.99
  • 3 Year Subscription - £479.99

Fitting Service?

When you choose our security product, you're not just getting top-notch protection – you're also getting peace of mind. Our workshop in Ilford (IG2 6QA) offers a professional fitting service included with your purchase(s). Trust our experts to ensure your security product is installed correctly for maximum effectiveness."

Once you've made your purchase, our dedicated sales team swings into action. Expect a call within 24 hours to arrange a convenient date and time for the installation of your security product(s). We're committed to making your vehicle safety a priority."

*Additional charges may apply depending on vehicle*
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24/7 Monitoring Alarm Center

Meta Trak S5 VTS insurance tracking devices are monitored for security around the clock by the experienced teams at our monitoring centre. Our on-call staff is always on alert for emergency situations and act within seconds in the event of a theft attempt or tampering and authorised to initiate level 1 police response.

The sensitive sensors onboard our Thatcham approved insurance trackers work in perfect harmony with your ID tags so in the event of theft without the tags present our cutting-edge tracking software will notify you and the teams at our alarm center about location, movements and other important events about your vehicle.

Stolen Vehicle Recovery

You will be alerted immediately if your vehicle is towed or moved without your knowledge with the help of the ID Tags and also our monitoring team who are watching over your vehicle. With over 99% recovery rate across all vehicle types, our monitoring centre collaborates with the police forces all over the UK to facilitate the return of your vehicle in case of theft.

Insurance Premium Discount

The Meta Trak S5 VTS Insurance tracking device is equipped with the latest technologies and recognised by national insurance companies; you will be able to protect your vehicle against even the most experienced criminals with advanced built-in features. The powerful features of our Thatcham approved tracking devices make your vehicle eligible for the best insurance rates in the UK.

Vehicles that are fitted with one of our insurance trackers are considered more secure while having multiple methods of recovery in case they are ever stolen.

ID Tags not present?

​Get an instant alert if an unauthorised movement is detected!

Today's thieves are able to steal vehicles with technology bought readily on the internet!  Known as 'relay attack theft', thieves are able to unlock keyless cars by transmitting an amplified signal that fools the security system into opening the doors.  The ID Tag is a key ally in the fight against modern day theft methods such as relay attack and key cloning.

If someone tries to steal your vehicle our dedicated control room will be tracking it's every move and will liaise directly with the police to recover it.