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Revolutionized Vehicle Security: StarLine M66 v2 with Stealth Tracking, Remote Immobilisation, Call, Text and App Alerts with Professional Installation Included

Introducing the breakthrough StarLine M66 v2 Immobiliser with Untraceable Tracking – a next-gen vehicle security solution redefining protection against today's risks. Effortlessly merging into your car's original wiring, this state-of-the-art immobiliser offers intuitive features alongside robust defences, shielding your vehicle from even the most sophisticated thieves. Experience security elevated to a whole new level.

What makes the StarLine M66 v2 Immobiliser the ideal choice? 

With the latest 128-bit Bluetooth encryption, this advanced system makes vehicle theft virtually impossible for hi-tech thieves employing key cloning equipment. This cutting-edge security feature not only elevates the system's resilience but also adds an extra layer of protection for your beloved vehicle.

How does the StarLine M66 v2 Immobiliser with Tracking work? 

Immerse yourself in top-tier vehicle security with the StarLine M66 v2—an advanced anti-theft solution seamlessly blending cutting-edge technology and user-friendly features. This revolutionary system boasts a complimentary Smartphone App, serving as your enduring control hub. Recognizing your smartphone as an encrypted ID tag, it instinctively disarms upon approach and arms itself upon departure, offering a seamless and hassle-free experience.

In the face of a cloned key attempting to start your vehicle, the StarLine M66 v2 springs into action by immobilizing the engine, thwarting unauthorized access. Simultaneously, you receive immediate notifications via phone call, text, and app alert (subscription service required), empowering you to stay informed and take swift action against potential threats.

Highlighted features of the StarLine M66 v2 encompass undetectable tracking, phone call notifications, mobile app-controlled remote immobilization, text command remote immobilization, tilt and motion sensors, smartphone app alerts, advanced car protection, covert tracking system, 128-bit Bluetooth encryption, real-time alerts, keyless car protection, and auto-rearming immobilization (subscription required). Imbibe the epitome of security for your valued vehicle, ensuring unmatched protection and a profound sense of peace.

Add On’s:
Latest shockproof and water-resistant contactless 128bit Bluetooth encrypted driver ID tags with detection range of 1-10 meters adjustable by user.

Subscription Service:
One Year Subscription Required - £49.99 (Not Included)

Fitting Services:

When you choose our security product, you're not just getting top-notch protection – you're also getting peace of mind. Our workshop in Ilford (IG2 6QA) offers a professional fitting service included with your purchase(s). Trust our experts to ensure your security product is installed correctly for maximum effectiveness."

Once you've made your purchase, our dedicated sales team swings into action. Expect a call within 24 hours to arrange a convenient date and time for the installation of your security product(s). We're committed to making your vehicle safety a priority." 

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Product Review

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Does the price include Installation?
Yes, all included in the price with installation at our workshop located in Ilford IG2 6QA.

Can I pay in monthly instalments?
Yes, we offer Interest free credit on this product to find out more contact our sales team on 0208 554 5554.

How long does the installation take?
It’s dependent on the vehicle, however, most vehicles take approximately four hours.

Can I trust you to work on my vehicle?
Absolutely, We have been fitting all types of vehicle security products for 20+ years on all types of vehicles. Each Installation is carried out with great care ensuring all parts taken off are put back how they should be. Our team of engineers are StarLine Approved, Thatcham Accredited and TASSA certified as well as CRB (Criminal Records Bureau) checks done, so you are in safe hands with us..

How soon can I book my StarLine M66 v2 Installation?
We make every effort to supply and install the StarLine M66 v2 within ten days from purchase date.

Does the StarLine M66 v2 interfere with my start/stop on my vehicle?
The StarLine M66 v2 detects if your vehicle has start/stop feature, so If your vehicle stops the engine at traffic lights it automatically restarts as it normally would before the StarLine M66 v2 was Installed.

How long is StarLine M66 v2 guaranteed for?
There is a one-year guarantee from the installation date.

What happens if I sell my vehicle?
We can remove the StarLine M66 v2 and Install into a different vehicle (vehicle dependent, de installation charges will apply) or you can leave it in the vehicle which will increase the selling value.

What happens if the vehicle is leased?
We can remove and install in different vehicle (vehicle dependent) once your lease has ended.






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