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Stinger SPV35 525 Amp Power Series Dry Cell (1,050+ Watts)

Stinger was the first to bring the Dry Cell Battery for Car Audio! And they have continued to have the most powerful, compact and reliable car audio batteries available, anywhere! Utilizing the latest in advanced battery technology, this battery was created with the car audio enthusiast in mind. Offering staggering high current capability, superior fast recharge rate, and true deep cycle operation, this "Dry Cell" battery allows complete discharge with no negative effects.

This Stinger 12-Volt Power Series Dry Cell Battery features a sealed absorbed glass mat (AGM) design and is perfect for 1050 watts of power for your car audio system. The SPV35 can be used as a replacement for your vehicles standard battery or as an additional battery to provide the extra power needed for a high-performance aftermarket system. It's leak-proof design and removable brass battery posts allow this power cell to fit in most factory battery locations with no hazardous leaks. Stinger's SPV35 Power Cell puts out 525 cranking amps and is good for over 300 full discharge cycles. This battery will store energy, so you don't need a capacitor for your system.

Core Features:

  • Includes removable brass battery posts for installation flexibility
  • 12v Dry Cell Valve Regulated Lead Acid Battery (AGM)
  • SPV Series Batteries are good for over 300 full discharge cycles
  • Internal resistance: <8mOhms = Ability to quickly deliver power. The lower the number the faster the delivery
  • 20 hour rate: 1.75A/35.0Ah
  • 5 hour rate: 5.95A/29.75Ah
  • 1/2 hour rate: 43.75.0A/21.9Ah
  • 5 Second Cranking Amps: 525A
  • CCA:438A
  • 1050 watts
  • Peak Discharge: >655 Amps 5 Second Burst
  • 167mm H x 131mm W x 196mm L

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