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Vibe Audio AntiVIBE AVSDR-V1 Sound Deadening Roll

VIBE has actually produced something which reduces noise! While it may be the complete polar opposite to everything else that VIBE do when it comes to going loud Anti VIBE will actually help IMPROVE the sound inside your car greatly! All those rattles, and all the sound being heard outside the vehicle is taking away volume and clarity from the inside.

Fitting Anti VIBE behind your speakers and in the boot area is one of the most cost effective ways to improve your system. A standard door panel will vibrate due to the bass created by the speaker. This will introduce unwanted rattles and distortion into the music. A door panel treated with ANTIVIBE will have significantly less rattles and a fuller bass response. A rear mounted subwoofer system will create many squeaks, panel rattles and vibration of the metal work in the vehicle. This again will introduce unwanted distortion into the music. A vehicle that is fully treated with ANTIVIBE will not only have much less distortion but also appear louder as the noise floor of the vehicle will be significantly lowered.

Core Features:

  • Your music will sound better
  • Lower road noise
  • Reduced panel rattle
  • Reduced heat
  • Higher sound pressure level (SPL)
  • Less rattle
  • More bass
  • Self Adhesive

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