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Enhance your Audi’s Security with StarLine M66 v2: Undetectable Tracking, Remote Immobilization, Call, Text, and App Alerts with Professional Fitting Included 

Step into the Future of Audi Security: StarLine M66 v2 Immobiliser with Undetectable Tracking. Designed for seamless integration, this cutting-edge system not only elevates protection against modern threats but also ensures user-friendly operation. Safeguard your Audi with confidence, as it employs robust measures against sophisticated thieves.

What sets the StarLine M66 v2 Immobiliser apart? 

Stay ahead of hi-tech thieves with the latest 128-bit Bluetooth encryption, making key cloning theft virtually impossible. Elevate your Audi's security with this advanced feature, boosting the system's resilience and providing an additional layer of protection against sophisticated threats.

Curious about the functionality of the StarLine M66 v2 Immobiliser with Tracking?

Dive into the innovation of the StarLine M66 v2 system, which comes with a free Smartphone App serving as a perpetual control hub. The system recognizes your smartphone as an encrypted ID tag, enabling automatic disarming as your smartphone nears your Audi and self-arming upon departure. This intelligent and hands-free process eliminates the necessity for additional input, ensuring a smooth and trouble-free user experience.

Delve into the apex of vehicle security with the StarLine M66 v2—an anti-theft solution seamlessly fusing advanced technology, 128-bit Bluetooth encryption, and user-friendly features. 

Elevate your peace of mind and guarantee unmatched protection for your valued Audi. The key features include undetectable tracking, phone call notifications, mobile app-controlled remote immobilization, text command remote immobilization, tilt and motion sensors, smartphone app alerts, advanced car protection, covert tracking system, 128-bit Bluetooth encryption, real-time alerts, keyless car protection, and auto-rearming immobilization. It's important to note that certain features may require a subscription for activation.

Add On’s:
Latest shockproof and water-resistant contactless 128bit Bluetooth encrypted driver ID tags with detection range of 1-10 meters adjustable by user.

Subscription Service:
One Year Subscription Required - £49.99 (Not Included)

Fitting Services:

When you choose our security product, you're not just getting top-notch protection – you're also getting peace of mind. Our workshop in Ilford (IG2 6QA) offers a professional fitting service included with your purchase(s). Trust our experts to ensure your security product is installed correctly for maximum effectiveness."

Once you've made your purchase, our dedicated sales team swings into action. Expect a call within 24 hours to arrange a convenient date and time for the installation of your security product(s). We're committed to making your vehicle safety a priority." 

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