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Autowatch Ghost 2 Pro Alarm with Dual Immobiliser, TASSA Registered, Two Step Pin Code and Tag AuthorisationS7 Thatcham Insurance Approved Live GPS Tracking  Fully Installed.

What is a Ghost 2 Pro Alarm Dual Immobiliser?

The Ghost 2 Pro Alarm with Dual Immobiliser by Autowatch is the Latest dual immobilisation system to secure your vehicle. The Autowatch Ghost 2 Pro Dual Immobiliser alarm system with dual immobilisation, phone call, text notification and two stage driver authorisation protects your vehicle from key-cloning, key theft and hacking. By using the vehicles factory buttons you create a unique pin code push sequence in addition to this you must have your driver tag to drive your vehicle. The latest Ghost 2 Dual Immobiliser will protect your vehicle from the most recent evolving high tech car thieves.

How does the Ghost 2 Pro Dual Immobiliser work?

Compared to other vehicle security immobilisers, the Ghost 2 Pro Dual Immobiliser does not use LED indications. The Ghost 2 Pro Dual Immobiliser is linked up to your vehicle's CAN (Control Area Network) system and programmed to protect the vehicle by the entry of a unique PIN code push sequence that you choose as well as a driver tag. This PIN code push sequence is then programmed into your vehicle using a series of buttons on your steering wheel or dashboard. This PIN code push sequence is then the unique pattern that must be selected as well as driver tag present before your vehicle can be driven. In addition to the two stages of security the Ghost 2 Pro Dual Immobiliser will also call and text you when there is an attempt by a thief trying to drive off with your vehicle (Subscription Service Required). We have also included the latest up to date S7 Thatcham Insurance Approved GPS Live Tracking System (subscription required) with the Ghost 2 Pro Dual immobiliser, which will give you piece of mind that an Insurance approved tracker monitoring company is keeping an eye on your vehicle 24/7. In the last decade hi-tech thieves have looked to override car security by hacking the OBD (On Board Computer) port. The Ghost 2 Pro dual Immobiliser is completely undetectable using the diagnostic tools that hi-tech thieves use as there are no radio signals omitted. Additionally, the Ghost 2 Pro dual Immobiliser is also extremely hassle free, with an accompanying Bluetooth Tag(s)  that enables you to disarm the first stage of authorisations and second stage of authorisation by having to enter your PIN sequence before you can drive your vehicle.

S7 Insurance Approved live GPS Tracker

One of UK’s leading S7 insurance approved live GPS vehicle tracking systems. If your vehicle is stolen, they will establish its exact location by using the latest GPS technology, allowing the 24hr Secure Operating Center to liaise with the Police, Security and recovery services. Once your vehicle has been located, they will then arrange for a security guard to wait with your vehicle until recovery can be arranged.

The S7 insurance approved live GPS tracker is recognized by all major insurance brokers and is fully Thatcham accredited.

TSN Automotive - Thatcham Approved Installer    

 Latest Dual Immobilisation
 Two stage driver authorisation (pin code sequence & driver tag)
 Digital Immobiliser (subject to vehicle make and model)
 Analogue Immobiliser (subject to vehicle make and model)
 Remote Immobilisation (Subscription Service Required)
 Phone notification by phone & text message (Subscription Service Required)
 S7 Insurance Approved Live GPS Tracker. (Tracking Subscription not included)

What’s Included?
 Installation at our workshop by a Tassa Registered Ghost Pro 2 Dual Immobiliser Installations team member.
 Bluetooth driver tag (Additional tags available, sold separately)
 TASSA (Tracking & Aftermarket Security System Associate) Certificate – Emailed to you within seven working days.
Ghost 2 Pro Dual Immobiliser, Owner’s Manual, Emergency Card, Two Autowatch Window Stickers, Installation Certificate and Security Guarantee.
Six Autowatch Ghost 2 Pro Dual Immobiliser QR Fingerprint Labels - The Ghost 2 Pro Dual Immobiliser fingerprint label is a unique code which is registered with the ISR (International Security Register). The unique QR code is an additional security system that gives your vehicle another level of protection.
ISR (International Security Registration) Contact Card - The Ghost 2 Pro QR fingerprint labels are supplied with ISR contact card that contains the unique QR code for your vehicle. Keep the card in your purse/wallet in case you need to contact the ISR urgently.
Demonstration – Ghost Installations team member will run through a full detailed demonstration on how the Autowatch
Ghost 2 Pro Dual Immobiliser works on your vehicle followed by handover of owner manuals, Installation certification, Ghost 2 Pro emergency card and will make sure you are happy before leaving. 
 S7 Insurance Approved Live GPS Tracker. (Tracking Subscription not included)
**Subscription required to be paid by vehicle owner after Installation direct to tracking company**
- Monthly Direct Debit: £12.99
- One Year Subscription: £149

Subscription Service (Starline System) :

1 Year Subscription Offer - £49.99 (Not Included, needs to be purchased Separately) 

Fitting Services:

This product includes fitting service at our workshop in Ilford IG2 6QA.

Once you have made your purchase our sales team will contact you within 24 hours to arrange a suitable date and time to book your vehicle in for fitting.

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