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Kicker 12" Dual Subwoofer Box With Kicker CXA400.1 Mono Amplifier

Huge value. High performance. The KICKER® Subwoofer pumps out the bass with all the intensity your ears can handle. Perimeter venting keeps the air free-flowing around the motor structure. With a KICKER sub that doesn’t overheat, you get high-performance bass that keeps the music pounding. The KICKER Comp Subwoofer swings the hammer better than anything else, while leaving enough bills to lay down on a power-packing KICKER amplifier too. It's got all the KICKER engineering firsts that made its subs famous - flex-fighting Inverted Structural Dome (ISD), double stitching on the surround, coil-cooling perimeter venting, and use in free-air applications as well as in vented or sealed boxes.

Mono Block CXA400.1

CX-Series Mono Amps are now one-ohm stable, giving you even more power and wiring options for your system! Using efficient Class-D power, the CXA400.1 features a variable bass boost with KickEQ™, giving you as much as a 6dB of extra bump with a simple turn of the optional CXARC Remote Bass Controller. A powerful 12dB crossover and 24dB subsonic filter is included, letting you quickly tune your system to perfection. Use the full-range outputs to expand your system with other bass amps, or a full-range amp to complete your system.

CX.1 Amplifiers accept up to 40 volts (400 watts) of speaker-level input signal. This kind of flexibility both makes line-out converters unnecessary and optimizes your sound quality at the same time!

Expand your system with full-range, RCA pass-through outputs, then choose a “standard” mount or a cool vertical mount with the included hardware.

CX.1 Amps deliver as much as 400 watts into one bass channel. 

Kicker Subwoofer Core Features:

  • Size : 12", 30cm
  • Impedance (OHMS)4 SVC
  • Recommended Amplifier Power (watts RMS) :300
  • Peak Power (watts, per ANSI/CTA-2031-A) :600
  • Sensitivity (dB 1w/1m) 88.3
  • Frequency Response (Hz) 27-500
  • Mounting Depth (in, cm) 5-3/8, 13.6
  • Mounting Cutout (in, cm) 11, 27.9
  • Min Sealed Box Vol (cu. ft, L) 1.25, 35.4
  • Max Sealed Box Vol (cu. ft, L) 3.5, 99.1
  • Min Vented Box Vol (cu. ft, L) 1.75, 49.6
  • Max Vented Box Vol (cu. ft, L) 2.25, 63.7
  • Four-Ohm Voice Coil
  • Injection-Molded Polypropylene Cone
  • Perimeter Venting for Thermal Management
  • Ribbed Polyurethane Surround
  • Signature Yellow Surround Stitching
  • High-Strength Spiralead™ Tinsel Leads
  • Stamped Steel Basket
  • High Temp Voice Coil
  • Spring-Loaded Speaker Terminals

Mono Block Core Features:

  • MODEL CXA400.1
  • Power (watts/ch) 4 Ohm 150x1
  • Power (watts/ch) 2 Ohm 300x1
  • Power (watts/ch) 1 Ohm 400x1
  • CXRC Remote Bass Capable
  • Frequency Response (Hz): 25-200, +0/-1dB
  • Input Sensitivity: 125mV–5V (Low Level) 1V–40V (High Level)
  • Signal-to-Noise Ratio: >95dB, a-weighted, re: rated power
  • Active Crossover: Variable Lo-pass 50Hz–200Hz, 12dB/octave
  • Subsonic Filter: 25Hz @24dB/octave
  • KickEQ™ Boost
  • Variable 0-6dB @40Hz
  • Efficient Class-D amplifier
  • Three-second turn-on/off delay to eliminate unwanted interference
  • Variable 12dB crossovers provides control to dial in perfect sound
  • KickEQ™ 6dB variable bass boost for those additional low frequencies
  • 24dB subsonic filter for protection from potentially damaging frequencies
  • FIT+™ (Fail-safe Integration Technology-PLUS) means it works with nearly every radio
  • Accepts up to 40-volt input signal
  • Small footprint for easier installation
  • Compatible with CXARC Remote Bass Control
  • Vertical mounting hardware included for another unique look

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