Please review our terms & conditions as these repercussions allow products and services to be available to you before and when the company creates a transaction with the customer. Bearing in mind the terms illustrated below this piece of information does not anticipate any advice as it is just a matter of concern to the contract made when a purchase is established by the customer.

Information listed below should not be relied upon when making a decision. Any further advice, doubt or material demanded should at any point be checked directly with the manufacturer in question prior to going ahead with any orders. An order or purchase would indicate you have understood the terms and conditions for these terms and conditions either through the online platform or within the store.

Store Installation

Customers are able purchase a store installation service on selective products at our store workshop located at 605 Eastern Avenue, Ilford, IG26QA. Since every vehicle has different fitments or additions, prices may vary subject to an inspection of your vehicle, additional parts for installation may be required in order to professionally install the desired product within your vehicle, and will be charged at the standard retail price.

Product descriptions

All products sold at Car Sound Security are of a technical nature and therefore it is not practical for the business to list exactly all and every specification as our webpages rather provide an approximate quality description of the goods and that we aim to deliver as much precise information as appropriate. Full descriptions of the products would be obtainable through manufactures brochures and websites that we can also provide to you upon a request. Any accessories purchased with a product is issued upon the ability to upgrade or change a product type at the manufacturers discretion.

Price & Payments

The prices available on our online platform will stay constant in nature, however could potentially fluctuate due to supplier price change overtime, tax, duties, omissions, specification change due to continual product research and development. In-Store promotions and packages may vary with our website prices. We accept all major debit and credit cards including Visa, MasterCard and Maestro. It is your responsibility to provide us with full payment and transparent billing details as failure to complete this action may result in further order processing and delays.


All products and services are subject to their availability and therefore in some cases can be removed at any time out of your order. We ensure that availability of product and our stock checks are constantly monitored to avoid any inconveniences. Any product not in stock and has been ordered is immediately notified to the customer and refunds are processed immediately. We will not be held accountable for any losses or damages the customer may suffer if we cannot supply products or services.

Warranties & guarantees

All products and services are provided with a 12 months warranty from the date of transaction and purchase. The acceptance of this type of warranty is based upon proof of purchase in which would be the receipt that must be presented in the establishment of a claim on a product/service issue, bank statements are unacceptable. Please note that your warranty can be voided due to customer malfunction, malicious damage, misuse, tampering,adjusting settings or taking the claim to another party or business prior to visiting Car Sound Security. Warranty is excluded from wear and tear; cosmetic damage and it is not transferable. Subsequently after 12 months, the Installation workshop will charge a fee for any removal or installation for a product. Customers can book an appointment for a vehicle re-inspection from 6 to 12 months from their original purchase date to ensure a thorough diagnostic and check has been completed in the attempt to prevent any further issues after the 12-month warranty.

Warrant Procedures for Sound Systems

Speakers & Subwoofers

Some of the following procedures below help customers to maintain and maximise peak speaker/subwoofer performance. Please review this notice carefully before you operate your new products.

1. Do not over-drive the amplifier as this may result in distortion or clipping that could lead to damage a speaker or subwoofer

2. Ensure that your gain controls are accurately set, to do this you can follow the instructions within the owner’s handbook.

3. Ensure that any attachment of speaker of subwoofer to the sound set is appropriately rated for the amplifier unit.

Failure to follow all four of these instructions would lead to burn or damage to the speaker or subwoofer voice coils and may eliminate their performance or ability to function and this will void your warranty. Therefore, we strongly recommend you have your products professionally installed by a Car Sounds and Security specialist.At Car Sound Security, our Installation services are may vary to vehicle type subject to the inspection of one of our approved technicians.This does not affect your statutory rights.