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Rockford Fosgate built their 3Sixty.3 processor so you can enjoy amazing sound quality from your vehicle's sound system — the quality you'd expect from a high-fidelity home stereo system or a pair of really good headphones. This sophisticated signal processor works with your laptop to give you awesome control. Once you load the software from the included setup CD, you can connect the 3Sixty.3 to your laptop with the included USB cable, and get to work creating a perfect-sounding system with the user interface controls displayed on your computer's screen.

DSP System

The 3Sixty.3 can handle up to 8 inputs, whether they're line-level signals from an aftermarket receiver or speaker-level signals from a factory radio. You can set the input signals to combine together or stay distinct, and then assign them to up to 8 output channels. The setup CD includes a track to help set input levels and another track that's used in the "Auto Normalize" feature that flattens the entire system's EQ response curve automatically. The remote amp turn-on connection features an adjustable delay, so you'll never hear a pop when you turn your system on.

The 3Sixty.3 lets you add sources through both auxiliary RCA and TOSLINK optical connections. A wired remote control lets you switch between main source, auxiliary input, optical, or a Bluetooth® enabled device. The Bluetooth feature can be set to "Auto Play," which automatically switches the source over to your Bluetooth device when it sends out a notification or plays music.

Control Center

The main user interface screen displays your speaker configuration, a wired remote simulator, an EQ graph, and the EQ controls. Each of the 3Sixty.3's 8 channels has its own crossover network, level adjustment, delay setting, polarity switch, and 31 bands of equalization. You can link channels together, if you want them to have identical EQ settings. Each crossover network can be set as a high-pass, low-pass, all-pass, bandpass, high-shelf, or low-shelf filter, so you can take care of virtually any combination of speaker components. You can choose between 4 classes of crossover filters to achieve the exact audio response you want. (See bullets for details.) If that weren't enough, you can also select between 4 different slopes for each crossover response curve to attain unbelievable clarity from each of your speakers.

The 31-band parametric equalizer on each channel gives you the sonic power and control to really make your sound system sing. (That's 248 total bands of EQ, if you want to tweak them all.) Time alignment can be accomplished by measuring distances or by time settings, so your music gets centered on your listening position for an incredible improvement in musical clarity and realism.

Core Features:

  • DSP settings and adjustments made via laptop or PC (using Windows) through USB port
  • setup CD includes the user interface software (CD player required)
  • 8 assignable inputs
  • inputs: 8 RCA preamp, 8 speaker-level, L/R auxiliary RCA, 1 optical TOSLINK (S/PDIF), and Bluetooth device
  • wireless Bluetooth dongle included
  • wired remote includes 2 assignable controls for master volume, sub level, or bass boost, and switches to select between 4 sources and 3 EQ presets
  • 8 preamp outputs (up to 8 volts)
  • remote amp turn-on with selectable delay times (1, 2, 4, or 8 seconds)
  • time alignment set by centimeters, inches, or milliseconds
  • 31-band parametric EQ on all channels
  • channel EQ settings can be separate or linked together
  • crossover filters can be set as all-pass, high-pass, low-pass, bandpass, high-shelf, or low-shelf filters (20-20,000 Hz)
  • selectable slopes (12, 24, 36, or 48 dB/octave)
  • selectable filter classes
  • Butterworth: sharp transition, suitable for most applications
  • Bessel: gradual transition, suitable for smooth speakers, but not subs
  • Linkwitz: recommended for high-end speakers only, not subs
  • Chebyshev: very sharp transition, useful as high-pass for tweeters or low-pass for subs
  • phase switch on every channel
  • includes 16.5-foot USB cable
  • dimensions: 9-5/16"W x 1-11/16"H x 6-15/16"D

What In the Box:

  • Interactive signal processor
  • 4-Pin power harness
  • 16-Pin speaker-level input harness
  • Bluetooth dongle
  • Wired remote control
  • 19.5' Remote cable
  • 16.5' USB (type-B) to USB (type-A) cable
  • Mounting bracket
  • 2 Screws
  • Setup CD-ROM
  • Installation/Operation Manual

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